Drones Everywhereee

At the beginning we’ve started in Katowice..


Afterwards we have fun in Corralejo..


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Media in Msida

In the meantime, we met people in Malta who support tolerance in funny way.. More details you can find in Times of Malta or Malta Today news

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fotografia & film

Dreams come true!!!

Today will be my first post without my photos here and it hurts but ok I’ll show u something! ;d
I’m impressed how it preserved and will be boring at the beginning, but pls don’t switch for photos of funny cats 😉

so 2 years ago I wrote on (my sometimes really serious, sometimes not at all) facebook’s wall:
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 02.54.19

I wondered about buying that lens, because I looked for wide angle, and its price was really good, but doesn’t work well enough with better camera with full frame.. so the question was – should I buy two times more expensive (where two times means thousands), should I put my all money into photography?

earlier, 3 years ago.. I asked on my facebook wall friend if she goes with me to SYDNEY

You know Australia, for surfing, for koalas, for views.. but the last comment was like ‘just a dream’, and later was the same, because of not enough time, too expensive trip, not today, not good time, will be better promotion etc.

Current week was totally crazy for me, I looked inside my self/my past.. stand face to face with what I’ve desired for few years and said to myself ‘just do it!’ and I finally did!
I bought my favorite Tamron, so the really expensive wide lens, really good model
I bought tickets to Sydney although I haven’t got visa yet

isn’t it crazy?! but it was THE dream! I believe that will be fine.. I believe that’s the sense and taste of life to follow ur dreams! even if you sometimes need to wait, if it comes back to you, it can only mean that you’re really dreaming of it!

Why Australia? I don’t know, I would like to know… I know that in the world there is a lot of beautiful places, maybe even more beautiful than Australia, but the truth projects doesn’t come from your mind calculation, they come directly from your heart and you know it costs a lot, but is worth it! because dreams are for nothing, just to fulfil.. they’re priceless.. and now..
I finally understand it and got courage for that..

It’s only my decision, in 1000% comes from my heart, but I didn’t invent these words about follow ur dreams.. they come from things and people who I’m surrounded by, and I’m sure that the most important thing is to have people around who push u forward.. and I’m really thankful to everybody who did it for me, and as my friend told me; ‘You have to be happy to give happiness for others!’. I’ve been waiting for a long time to be where I am and I feel happy here, but when I finally get new lens in my hands and I’ll be in the plane on the journey to Australia, I will kindle all around!!!!

I’M SO EXCITED!! I’m counting days till March! We will plan this journey for the weeks! 🙂

Some december evening

My lovely friends from the neighborhood didn’t refuse my next photo ideas. It was easy for me to show character in those photos, because we have known each other for many years. The only hinderance was their inability to be serious because of their perpetual positive energy : )


fotografia & film